About Us

AdriaTrips, former Franka Travel, has been in business for more than 20 years. First owner Franka Karamehmedovic, developed a strong relationship with the customers and major airlines as: Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, KLM, Northwest, Virgin Atlantic, Air France… 

At the time she wanted to spend more time in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in 2005. One of her agents, Lidija Dukic, took over the bussines with her husband Alex Dukic. Lidija has a strong background in agency business. She graduated from Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb, specialized in tourism and travel agency business. 

Before moving to USA, she got the IATA (International Association of Travel Agencies) certificate from Geneva that is required for working in travel industry in Europe. She also took some additional, air transportation, courses here in the US. 

With the experience of working in tourism in Zagreb,Croatia and in US with Franka, and with the education she has in travel industry, Lidija attracts more and more customers to her agency, now named ADRIATRIPS.