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Islands of Kvarner and Northern Dalmatia

Enjoy the picturesque islands of Kvarner & Northern Dalmatia
Route Description: Rijeka - Krk - Rab - Dugi Otok - Nationalpark Kornati - Zadar-Archipel - Mali Losinj - Cres - Rijeka

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Map of the cruise
Map of the cruise Greeting to the Sun, Zadar Mali Losinj, Croatia
Otac Ivan Ship Harbor, Mali Losinj Church of Saint Donat, Zadar


  • Welcome dinner on day 1
  • Daily breakfast & lunch from day 2
  • Accommodation on a traditional, family-owned motor sailing ship


  • On the booking there will be no confirmation with ship name, but "cabin A-category" on one ship of the fleet of I.D. Riva Tours
  • Cabin A-category means that cabin is equipped with shower and toilet. The guest will be informed about actual name of the ship on embarkation day, our representative will inform the guests on the spot.
  • Clients are advised to take insurance against cancellation of reserved services


Day 1, Saturday

Boarding from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in the port in Rijeka. Greeting and getting to know the crew and the other passengers. After the introductions, we shall release the rope and head towards the island of Krk, the largest Adriatic island with a land area of 410 sq km. On Krk we shall stop in one of the coves to take our first swim in the Adriatic Sea. Then onward to the city of Krk, the capital city of the island or towards Punat where we shall spend the night.

Day 2, Sunday

After breakfast we shall head towards the island of - Rab. After sailing for about two hours we shall drop anchor in a romantic cove - where there will be plenty of time for swimming and suntanning. In the evening we shall arrive in the city of Rab. The historical nucleus of Rab, recognizable by its bell towers, stretches on a narrow and rocky peninsula, surrounded by the sea. The town is intersected by three cross streets: the lower street with its cafes and taverns, the middle street with its boutiques, souvenir ships, and icecream parlors, and the upper street that leads to the churches with the four bell towers.

Day 3, Monday

We shall then head further south. Today’s destination is Sali, the capital city of the island of Dugi Otok. Dugi Otok, in German “Lange Insel” is rightfully called as such because it is 45 km long and only a few hundred meters wide. Most of the residents of this island live and work in Zadar so on weekdays the towns on the island are extremely quiet while on weekends the “urban families” spend time in their hometowns. Before we reach the port in Sali, we shall naturally drop anchor in one of the coves and take a swimming break.

Day 4, Tuesday

This will certainly be the climax of our trip: “On the last day of Creation God desired to crown his work and thus created the Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath” wrote Irish writer George Bernard Shaw (who in 1925 received the Nobel Prize for literature). The beautiful nature landscape, numerous small and large islands (the old folk saying goes: One island for every day of the year) and the magnificent sea make the Kornati islands a unique paradise. They are the largest island cluster on the Adriatic, totaling 147 islands, islets and rocks with a total land area of 69 sq km, stretching out over an area of 230 sq km. It stretches 35 km in length and 13 km in width between Dugi Otok to the northwest, Zirje and Pasman to the southeast and Vrgad and Murter to the north and northeast. From the port in Sali we shall set our course for “Proversa”, a narrow passage between Dugi Otok and the Kornati islands which is at the same time the entrance to the Kornati National Park. We shall pass by an endless number of islets which are mostly uninhabited and then reach the island of Man. One side of the island is gently immersed in the sea while the other side is extremely rocky. The ruins on the highest part of the island are not historical ruins, but scenery from the movie “Grabezljive ribe u Grckoj” which Maria Schnell (playing the part of the little girl “Mana”) filmed here at the end of the 1950s. In the afternoon we shall head north once again and spend the night in one of the fishing towns of the Zadar archipelago - Dragove, Zverinac, Ist or Molat.

Day 5, Wednesday

Today we shall head towards the island of Losinj, which is not only famous for 300 days of sunshine a year, but also for the fact that it is covered in pine forests. With a little luck we may be able to watch some playful dolphins. The “Adria Dolphin Project” has registered as many as 160 dolphins. After taking a swimming break, we shall arrive in Mali Losinj and spend the evening as well as the night in the port.

Day 6, Thursday

Today we shall set sail for the neighboring island of Cres, which is connected by a bascule bridge to the island of Losinj. The recognizable features of Cres are endless plantations of olives and flocks of sheep and it is with good reason that lamb is one of Cres’s specialties. After a swimming break, which goes without saying, we shall head towards the picturesque town of Cres where we shall also spend the night.

Day 7, Friday

Today we shall bid farewell to the Croatian islands and from Cres sail along the eastern shoreline towards Rijeka - however not without taking another opportunity to go swimming. We shall spend the night in Rijeka.

Day 8, Saturday

After breakfast we shall disembark around 9:00 am. Approximately half of the boats sail this route in the opposite order: Rijeka - Cres - Mali Losinj - Zadar archipelago - Kornati National Park - Sali - Rab - Krk - Rijeka.

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  • The rates are based on category under deck. The supplement for category on deck is
    • season A and B: $45 per person net
    • season C, D, E: $75 per person net
  • Taxes and port charges are not included (to be paid on the spot) - $32 - per person per week
  • Entrance to National Parks vary from $15-23 per person depending on season and park
  • Reduction for children:
    • 2 adults + 1 child up to age 13.99 in triple cabin: 50%
    • 1 adult + 1 child up to age 13.99 in double cabin: 30%
    • 2 adults + 2 children up to age 13.99 in 2 double cabins: 30%
  • Supplement for single use of a cabin - 70%